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Hit the Books (“HTB”) aims to bring additional educational resources to underserved communities through a sports-based development approach, with tutoring and mentorship at its core and mixed martial arts as the ‘hook’. HTB serves as an after-school community center to facilitate career development and help make any and every goal achievable for its Students.


HTB provides after-school educational programs, mentorship, and mixed martial art classes to kids in Harlem aged 6-13 in order to help our Students progress outside of the classroom intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

HTB exposes its Students to educational and professional opportunities that may otherwise pass them by, fostering an environment of educational equality.

In addition to enhancing the educational resources available to children, HTB serves as a community within a community, where children feel safe and view the facility as a second home.

Hit the Books Values

Our members believe in a commitment to their academic goals and put the value of education first.

Our members believe that they are capable, resilient and can bounce back from anything.

Our members are ambitious, and they believe every opportunity can be achieved with a positive attitude, hard work and tenacity.

Our members are self-disciplined. Focus and consistent practice lead to success—in the ring, and in all corners of life.

Finally, HTB members are compassionate toward others. They believe in being empathetic toward each other, their families, and other HTB members. They are champions for their communities and strive to make the world a better place.

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