Hit The Books Will Focus on Three Key Pillars Intended to Shape its Students’ Upbringings:

(i) Educational Services, (ii) Mentorship, and (iii) Mixed Martial Arts.

HTB’s after-school tutoring program is intended to support each respective Student’s school curriculum.

HTB will initially use tutors to help Students with homework, but will eventually have its own curriculum led by an in-house education professional.

HTB’s Executive Director will focus on partnering with local schools as well as other nonprofit organizations, Universities, and tutoring companies to find qualified volunteer tutors.

Data-driven approach to curriculum and progress with iReady software.

HTB will offer both formal mentorship for its Students, focused on emotional development, and informal mentorship through the motivational gym culture and continual presence of role models.

HTB will have a full-time counselor on its Board as part of the program.


As Students ’graduate’ HTB, they will be encouraged to come back and mentor current Students, creating a self-sustaining mentorship community.

HTB will offer mixed martial arts classes provided seven days a week on a rotating basis to all Students.


HTB has an in-house (full-time) head coach, in charge of designing a comprehensive mixed martial arts curriculum and leading classes.

HTB will also recruit several volunteers to support the Head of Mixed Martial Arts.

HTB’s MMA classes will focus on technical instruction and development rather than physical altercation.