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The benefits of martial arts include improvements in focus, discipline, self control, and coordination. At Hit the Books, we have blended those benefits with mentorship that focuses on camaraderie, goal setting, compassion and work ethic.

Having grown up on mixed martial arts, the HTB team believes in the ability of the sport to encourage positive developmental behaviors.


Mixed Martial Arts encompasses the idea of putting together some of the more effective martial arts, which include Muay-Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During the pandemic, we have focused on Muay Thai and Boxing in order to limit physical contact between students. 

We believe that the combination of our Mixed Martial Arts program and educational support will provide enhanced opportunities and improved outcomes for our Students.

Students have made incredible progress in fitness levels since they joined the program, as measured by repetitions of key exercises, and are generally much more conscious of eating well and maintaining healthy habits day-to-day.

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